Your website is often your customers’ or audience’s first impression of you. Does it tell them what you want them to know? Does it tell them in a logical, thoughtful way that they’ll understand? And does it tell them clearly and confidently, without distracting or discrediting errors?

Let Crisp ensure your website presents the best version of you. My website cleanup services are flexible based on your budget: I can do a quick pass for typos, punctuation, and other mechanical fixes; an in-depth edit to thoroughly polish all written content and suggest structural improvements; or anywhere in between. If money is a concern, my preferred approach is to first know your budget, then determine the level of editing that the budget allows, then work together to set expectations and agree on the desired outcome. Let’s get started!

Price: $30 per hour.

Not the service you’re looking for? Crisp also provides editing, social media management, and how-to presentations.