For small businesses and organizations, social media is free advertising. You can let your target audience know about your products and services, invite them to your events, and tell them the story of why you do what you do. But more than just advertising, social media provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with your customers.¬†In the twenty-first century, it’s become just as important a customer service tool as the store help desk or 1-800 number.

My social media services are flexible based on your budget: I can make simple, quick¬†posts of content that you create; gather and create the content myself; or anywhere in between. Note, too, social media’s interactive aspect: responding to likes, comments, tags, and messages. If money is a concern, my preferred approach is to first know your budget, then determine the frequency and types of posts that the budget allows, then work together to set expectations and agree on your desired social media presence. Let’s get started!

Price: $30 per hour.

Not the service you’re looking for? Crisp also provides editing, website cleanup, and how-to presentations.