From personal to professional, online and in print, Crisp can help any piece of writing look its best. Maybe you’re daunted by the task of getting your message onto paper, and you’d rather bang your head against the wall than sit down to write and self-edit. Or maybe you love writing and expressing all your ideas, but you just want a second pair of eyes to come behind you and catch any little typos. No matter your writing situation, I’m happy to help.

With expertise in both technical details, like the ins and outs of grammar, as well as bigger-picture issues, like voice and flow, I will clean up and clarify your writing to put your message front and center. My goal is to give your readers the information you want them to have, in the voice you want them to hear, in wording they’ll understand. I’ve edited:

  • Websites, for both businesses and nonprofits
  • Blogs, articles, whitepapers, op-eds, and press releases
  • Ebooks
  • Newsletters, in both email and print
  • Real estate listings
  • Marketing collateral
  • Menus and recipes
  • Resumes and professional bios
  • Business proposals and reports
  • Keynote presentations

My editing services are flexible based on your budget: I can do a quick pass for typos, a more in-depth edit, a full rewrite based on your rough draft, or anywhere in between. If money is a concern, my preferred approach is to first know your budget, then determine the level of editing that the budget allows, then work together to set expectations and agree on the desired outcome. Let’s get started!

Price: $30 per hour.

If you would like Crisp to edit your resume or college essay but are unsure about the cost, check out the community page.