I am happy to provide free editing services to job seekers and college hopefuls who cannot afford my typical rate of $30 per hour.

  • I will edit your resume for free if you have or are experiencing barriers to employment, such as a criminal record, limited English proficiency, homelessness, refugee or immigrant status issues, or a disability.
  • I will edit your college application essay for free if you are a student in an underperforming or low-income high school.

If you’re interested in one of these services and think you might qualify, let’s talk!

Unfortunately, due to time and budget constraints, I cannot edit every resume or essay. Using my discretion and according to my schedule availability, I will determine who I’m able to help as fairly and transparently as possible. Thank you for understanding.

If this service proves popular, I hope to recruit other editors, possibly forming regular resume and essay workshops. If you are a professional editor interested in volunteering your time and expertise, please contact me!